4th Sept SSC CGL Asked Questions 2016 Download Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduation Level Tire 1 Question Paper

4th Sept SSC CGL Asked Questions 2016 are available here. Check The Staff Selection commission CGL tire 1 Arithmetic, Reasoning, english & GK Questions of 1st, 2nd, 3rd shifts are updated here.

4th September SSC CGL Asked Questions 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shifts

The Staff Selection commission has conducted the today (4th September) exam successfully. It conducted the SSC CGL Exam Tire I on various pre arranged examination centers across in the India. It decided to conduct the SSC CGL Online examination from 27th August to 11th September since a huge number of people are applied for this examination. there is heavy competition Since SSC jobs comes under the central govt jobs category. The Central govt jobs are the secure jobs.

SSC CGL 4th Sept Review

Staff Selection Commission CGL Tire I Question Paper 1st, 2nd, 3rd Sessions – ssc.nic.in 4th Sept SSC CGL Asked Questions

Every people is having a dream of doing these jobs. So It requires good preparation to crack SSC Cgl exam. But now the preparation time is over. Now its time to check short cuts, Simple tips to get SSC job & etc. The last one but not least, The Asked question of 4th Sept SSC CGL 2016 is also very important one to get good score in this examination. You can automatically get the job if you get good score. therefore we gave the SSC CGL 4th September asked questions of arithmetic, reasoning & GK. It will become easy to know the which type of questions asked in the examination due to this questions.

The SSC CGL 4th September Asked questions are updated here shift wise. You have to check the Staff Selection commission 4th Sept Question paper. We gave continuous updates regarding the SSC CGL Asked questions. Every day a huge number of people are writing the SSC CGL exam 2016 online. The remaining people who received the admit card from the staff selection commission are searching for 4th Sept SSC CGL Asked questions. For them we gave the 4th Sept SSC CGL Asked questions 2016 here.

Today’s SSC CGL Asked Questions 4th September

The 4th Sept SSC CGL Asked questions of Arithmetic, reasoning, english & general knowledge are here. The Staff Selection commission Asked questions are very important to know the difficulty level of the exam. Not only knowing the difficulty level but also you can analyse the weightage of the each topics.

4th Sept Staff Selection commission CGL Arithmetic Asked questions

a+1/a=1 find a²-a+1/a²+a+1, a≠0
m+n=1 find m3+n3+3mn?
Cos⁴α – sin⁴α = 1/3 tan²α =?
X+1/x= 2 to (x+1/x)²
If tan45°= cot x, then find the value of x in terms of pi.

x^2+1/x^2=2 find x-1/x
A completes work in 15 days and B In 20 days. They agree to do the work together for Rs. 450. Find share of A
in triangle ABC, AD is the median. O is a point on AD which is the centroid. Ratio AO:OD is?
Highest sex ratio state?
longest(praydipiy) river in india

The sum of a number and it’s reciprocal is 2. Find the number
Options : 1,0,-1, none
A train crosses a 50 m long platform in 14 seconds and a pole in 10 seconds find speed of train in Kmph
Two ships are sailing in a river on opposite side of a tower having height of 100 m. The angle of elevations for both the shifts are 30° and 60°. Find the distance between the ship. (Exact statement yaad nahi hai jo yaad hai bata diya)
then Find value of xy

SSC CGL Asked questions 4th september reasoning – 4th Sept SSC CGL Asked Questions

All crows are swans. Some swans are ducks. Conclusion – I. All ducks are crows. II. Some swans are crows.

If 324 + 289 = 35, 484 + 441 = 43. Then 625 +400 = ?

A man had 17 goats, all but 8 died. How many does he have now?

Sex Ratio is females per how many males?
lowest birth rate among these
Ans- kerala

Rs. 2000 amounts to Rs. 4000 in two years on CI. In how much time will it be Rs. 8000?.
6 years
8 years
4 years
In how many languages Sahitya kala award is awarded?
In which product GST bill will be implemented
Which causes rainfall in North western part of india
Ans western disturbances
Who is the present prime minister of nepal?
On which principle do refrigerator works?
Find @
Ans 60°
Avg salary of 19 employees is 40,000. If one more employee joins them the avg salary becomes 44000. Find that newly joined employee’s salary
If the CP of an article is decreased by 10%. How much should new CP be increased so that the profit remains same
Cost of a piece of cloth is Rs. 32 per metre. A shopkeeper announces 25% discount. If any customer wants to have benefit of Rs. 40 then what length of the cloth he should purchase?
Ratio of investments made by A and B is 1/3:1/5. They together invested Rs. 960. Find rhe share of each
Area of rectangle is 60 sq m and its perimeter is 34. Find the length of its diagonal
In a circle a chord AB is drawn O is the center of the circle. Radius of circle is 10 cm Length of Chord AB is 16 cm. Find length of OD, where OD is a perpendicular on the chord AB
Synonym of REVILE
antonym of SQUANDER
Idioms – Keep for
Pales in comparison to
in one voice
Error spotting – A bird flap (A)/ its wings, flies (B)/ high in the sky and (C)/ returns / NO error (D)
Flower uses different textures to ____________ the insects
What will be the venn diagram
Men, rodent , living beings

Higher the inflation, __________ the price
1. Higher
2. the higher
3. More
4. greater

SSC CGL 4th September Question of English

4th Sept SSC CGL Asked questions General Knowledge

  1. What is Nitrification? Ans: Ammonia converted to nitrites

2. In which Asbestos found maximum in which country? Ans: Russia

3. Three-month state emergency in which country? Ans: Turkey

4. Beighton cup related to which sports? Ans: Hockey

5. Which Indian city known as the ‘Manchester of South India’? Ans: Coimbatore

6. Who was the flag-bearer of India at Rio Olympic? Ans: Abhinav Bindra

7. Who becomes first cricketer to score 1000 runs in an innings? Ans: Pranav Dhanawade

8. Which is the largest irrigation plant in India? Ans: Indira Gandhi canal

9. What kind of mountains are the Himalayan mountains? Ans: Fold Mountain

10. Kerala Soil is rich in? Ans: Phosphorus

Some more 4th sep SSC CGL Asked Questions

  1. Who  known as frontier Gandhi – Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
  2. Paper publish by Gandhi in Africa –The Indian Opinion
  3. Which of the following is the least polluting – Kerosene, Diesel, Coal or Hydrogen – Hydrogen
  4. Group of interconnected islands – Archipelago
  5. Why treaty of Purandhar was signed- Treaty was signed between Jaisingh and Chhatrapati Shivaji
  6. Lines joining the same slope on earth- Contour lines
  7. Where is Sun temple located – Konark, Odisha
  8. Vinegar known as – Acetic acid
  9. Which of these temples was damaged due to fire in Kerala – Paravur temple at Kollam
  10. White elephants are found in – Thailand
  11. Which city also known as Manchester of South India? – Coimbatore
  12. Who was the flag-bearer of India at Rio Olympics – Abhinav Bindra
  13. Who among the following has scored 1000 runs in one innings – Pranav Dhanawade
  14. Largest irrigation plant in India – Indira Gandhi canal
  15. The Himalayas are an example of which type of mountains? – Fold mountains
  16. The soil of Kerala is rich in – Inorganic minerals
  17. What is nitrification? – Biological oxidation of ammonia or ammonium to nitrite, followed by  oxidation of the nitrite to nitrate.
  18. In which country is asbestos found in maximum quantity – Russia
  19. Beighton cup related to which sports? – Hockey
  20.   Amritsar city was built by which Sikh guru? – Guru Ram Das
  21. Eudiometer used to measure? – Changes in the Volume of Gases
  22. First Indian Railway University  established in? – Vadodara, Gujarat
  23. Heating up of earth after sunset is due to – Greenhouse Effect
  24. Mahasweta Devi did not win which of the following awards? – Magsaysay Award
  25. Which is the largest artery in Human Body? – Aorta
  26. What is the impact of decrease in CRR? – Lower Interest Rates
  27. Encryption on Ashoka pillars written in  –
  28. seventh Olympics  of which tennis player – Leander Paes
  29. Rings in Olympic flag- 5
  30. Potassium permanganate used as- As an oxidant,
  31. Not an official language of UNO- Japanese.
  32. When Kharif  crop harvested- October
  33. Where skill India launched- New Delhi
  34. Type of good whose demand increases with income- Normal Goods
  35. Equality and  fraternity  taken from the-French Revolution
  36. Major Energy generation in India is from – Coal
  37. Same atomic number different mass numbers- Isotopes 
  38. CAG  closely related with; ans; Public Accounts committee

    mehrauli pillar inscription is famous for ;ans; fine quality of steel

    water treatment process Ans; reverse osmosis

    kinetic energy depends on Ans; both mass and velocity

    we will update some questions………………. Stay & Tune With Us

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